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Underage booze parties can land parents in trouble

Dear Straight Talk: I recently met the parent of one of my son's friends. I was floored when she told me she allows kids to drink at her house as long as they stay the night. She said lots of parents do this and assured me the kids…

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Talking to daughters differently can help prevent rape

Dear Straight Talk: Parties come with tremendous pressure to drink — followed by more pressure to hook up and have sex. But many don't realize that taking advantage of an intoxicated person is sexual assault. Instead…


Warnings from the trenches about drinking — Part 2

Dear Readers: Last week, "Worried Mom" asked how to speak to her pre-college teen about the realities of college drinking and the college hookup scene. The panel reported from the front lines and I'm hoping their stories will motivate…


Warnings from the trenches about drinking

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter is heading off to college. She has a history of drinking and I'm worried. I know that many kids die each year from alcohol poisoning.  What can I say to instill caution? I also worry about …


Avoid R.I.P.s: Create safety net for those who have cleaned up

Dear Straight Talk: I want to make everyone aware of something that cost me my son Joshua's life. Several of his friends died in high school. He first buried his feelings with marijuana, then switched to alcohol in order to pass drug…


Should Mom share her prom-night story?

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, always attends prom. She is curious about my prom experience. I wasn't popular in high school, but right before graduating, a boy I'd just met asked me to his school's prom. WOW!…


Friend might have drinking problem

Dear Straight Talk: I think this friend, "Tamara", has a drinking problem. I realize she's not much different than 10 other people I know, but she strikes me as drinking, not just to have fun, but to numb out problems with her father,…

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Girl raped while passed out from drinking

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am helping a friend in my dorm through a terrible experience. She passed out from drinking at a party and was put in a bedroom to sleep it off. She woke up in pain with somebody on top of her. It was like a bad…


Learning warning signs of suicide saves lives

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Regarding last week’s column about the boy who committed suicide, a friend of mine also did lots of increasingly negative drinking, smoking weed and partying.…

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Want to be an alcoholic? Start drinking young

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I still have the photo. I’m at my best friend’s house and her mom and stepdad are serving us whiskey and Coke. I am 15. It was my first alcohol. From that…

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